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Library Services

The core of a Media Center is its library service. Keio University has six campuses each one of them holding its own Media Center branch to support research, education or medical practice. In addition to the five Media Centers, we also manage Yamanaka Book Depository in Yamanashi Prefecture as a research archive.

The Media Centers also work in cooperation with libraries of affiliated schools, faculties (including Library of Nursing and Medical Care), graduate schools (including Library of Keio Business School) and affiliated research centers of Keio University that have their own specialized needs.

Each branch of the Media Centers and affiliated libraries maintain the best academic information environment for lecturers, researchers and students by gathering, storing and supplying materials they need.

Handling New Types of Material and Multimedia Resources

Education and research material come into our fields through new and different types of media in accordance with technological development.

Keio University Media Centers respond to diversification of resource types and maintain the necessary infrastructure to utilize many such media as micro-films, CD-ROMs, video tapes and Laser Discs. We also study and actively prepare for new type of media.

Focusing on gathering information via Internet, a must in contemporary society, we link to academic databases in diverse disciplines as well as substantial electronic journals. We also actively disseminate educational and research material of our university members result via Internet or other new type media.

Library System

The basis of our library system is KOSMOS III (KeiO University System of Multimedia Online Services III). To fully utilize our 4 million volumes of resources, the Media Centers are developing an robust OPAC system (“KOSMOS”) that enables users to find any material with a uniform interface, insensitive to the media type of the material, or regardless of the facilities they are physically stored.

The Data Intensive Section of the Head Office concentrates the whole system of cataloging in service of all branches and libraries of the Media Centers: hence, it functions as the base to store material, to construct database and to supply material swiftly and efficiently.

Support for Disseminating Information

In education and research, on the ground of active usage of computers and Internet, gathering and disseminating information are closely connected together as necessities. The Media Centers are actively introducing, as well as developing by ourselves, services and infrastructures to back up the whole process of gathering and disseminating information by our lecturers, researchers and students in a comprehensive manner.

We prepare for software tools and environment necessary for novel research activities, as well as hardware or network infrastructure.

Contribution to Society: Cooperation with Domestic or Oversea Organizations

The aim of our library service is "To place the most needed material in hands of those who need it most".
Keio University Media Centers take their responsibility to make this a global goal.

The Media Centers conduct inter-library loan service of research material within and with outside of the university. In an evolving network society, it becomes more and more important to cooperate with other university libraries and related information organizations, in view of both enhancing user service and sharing service cost.

By closely working together with domestic and oversea organizations, we deal not only with existing ILL [Inter-Library Loan] methods but also with z39.50 protocol, with next generation Japanese standard of cataloging, and with much more.

Through these activities, we contribute to society.