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Overview : Hiyoshi Media Center (Hiyoshi Library) and Kyoseikan Library

Hiyoshi campus, which is brimming with youthful energy, is the first campus for Keio University freshers. The Hiyoshi Media Center (The Hiyoshi Library), which is located near the entrance of the campus, was designed with a ship motif. The bright and open atmosphere of the building attracts a large number of students every day.

The Center, whose main purpose is to support the learning of freshers and sophomores, holds over 700,000 volumes of essential collection on various fields of study. These volumes include special collections of "Course Textbooks", "Quick Reference Materials", "Foreign Language Learning Materials", "General-interest Books", and "Books Written by Alumni". It provides access to various types of electronic resources and audio-visual materials as well.

The Center also has an academic collection for researchers on the basement level & the 4th floor of the library and in Reference Library of Raiosha. In addition, it has collections for three graduate schools (KBS, KMD, SDM) in Kyoseikan Library of Kyoseikan.

The Center places special emphasis on information literacy education for freshers. It provides "Library Tours" guided by senior students every April as well as "Information Literacy Seminars" lectured by library staff on request during each team. Besides them we have 10 years history of "Introduction to Information Literacy", which is placed in the academic courses of faculties. Thus we promotes its mission to support learning by integrating information literacy training with the academic curriculum of Hiyoshi Campus.

In 2007, the Center started to hold "Media Literacy Workshop” for faculties. We expect it to expand support for learning and research in collaboration with students and faculties.