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date: 2019/04/25

New collections and contents were added to Digital Collections.

New Ukiyo-e collection and some Japanese and Chinese classics contents were added to Keio University Digital Collections of Keio University Libraries.

[New collections]
・George S.Bonn Collection of Ukiyo-e in the Meiji period (over 860 items)

・Japanese Classics Collection
 Including "つれづれぐさ", "歌合集"

・Chinese Classics Collection
 Including "蒙求聴塵", "六臣註文選"

[New contents]
・Documents of the Sagara Family (105 titles)
 Including (関東下知状), [尼妙蓮代相良頼氏・相良頼重所領相論] etc.

・Documents of the Tsushima So Family (38 items)
 Including Documents of Classified by "公義被仰上"

・Fujikawa Collection (332 items)
 Including Chinese classics regarding historical medicine like "黄帝内経", "傷寒論"

date: 2019/03/15

Important Announcement: New KOSMOS is coming in September

From September 2019, Keio and Waseda University Libraries will be using a new library system together aiming to improve the library services.
Regarding the overview and changes in services, please refer bellow;

New KOSMOS is coming in September PDF file
Changes in Library Services and Hours PDF file

Latest Information on System Migration: