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date: 2018/06/05

Notice of long-term loan for summer vacation 2018

Long-term loan by reason of summer vacation will be carried out in the media center of each campus.
Borrowing rules are different for each media center each, please refer to the following.

Due Dates

 -Mita, Hiyoshi, Science and Technology (Yagami),
  Shinanomachi, Pharmaceutical Sciences (Shibakyoritsu),
  SFC, Nursing and Medical Care (Kango) : 1 october

 -Kyoseikan [KBS Books] : 10 September
         [MD/SD Books] : 1 October

Schedule of the Long-term Loan

[Notice] Closing dates of the media centers are also included in the "Procedure period".
(They are applied when the renewal procedure using the "My Library".)

Mita, Hiyoshi, Science and Technology (Yagami),
SFC , Nursing and Medical Care (Kango)
Loan period (normally)Procedure periodDue date
14 days 23 July, 5:00a.m. - 16 September 1 October
30 days 9 July, 5:00a.m. - 31 August

Kyosei-kan Library
Loan period (normally)Procedure periodDue date
KBS Books 26 June, 5:00a.m. - 10 August10 September
MD/SD Books 26 June, 5:00a.m. - 31 August 1 October

Loan period (normally)Procedure periodDue date
14 days 2 July, 5:00a.m. - 16 September 1 October

Pharmaceutical Sciences (Shibakyoritsu)
Loan period (normally)Procedure periodDue date
7 days18 July, 5:00a.m. - 23 September 1 October
14 days18 July, 5:00a.m. - 16 September
30 days 4 July, 5:00a.m. - 31 August