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Recall/Request Books

You can recall a book currently checked out or request a book in the library inside and outside Keio University.
Some requests for borrowing books from outside Keio University may cause you to incur costs.

※When making a request of reservation or Inter-campus Delivery to the Mita Media Center, please use the request form below.

How to Find Books in Libraries Inside/Outside Keio

Obtain Photocopies

You can obtain photocopies of an article from libraries in and outside Keio.University.
You have to pay for this service.

How to Find Newspaper/Journal Articles

When you found the article you wish to read

Purchase Request

You can place a purchase request of the material which the Media Center does not possess.
The decision on the purchase is made based on each Center's criteria for material selection. There may be cases in which the material is not available due to out-of-stock condition or other reasons.
After getting your request, it will take some time before the material is ready for your use. Please place your request well in advance.
Please select “the Media Center to which you want to place a purchase request”among the list of centers below.

Before Placing Purchase Request

Please try to search the targeted material once again through OPAC.

Use External Libraries

If the material you need is not in the collection of Keio, you may visit external libraries.
If the library where you request to visit is not open to the public, please apply for a letter of introduction.
Please read the following notices carefully before using this service.

・Who can use this form ?

Keio students and staff who have a valid library card
 (Only available to correspondence course students who have registered for a bachelor's thesis.)
Alumnus of Shinanomachi Campus or Faculty of Nursing & Medical Care
 → Please read here.
Members of Sanshikai(alumni medical), or Kobaikai(alumni nursing)
 → Please read here.

・Before making a request, search KOSMOS and make sure that the material you

need is NOT held by Keio University libraries.

You may not visit the library if Keio has the same item.

・It may take some time to issue a letter. Please apply well in advance.

・You will be notified by email when your letter is ready.

・Please read more details on your campus library.

How to Find Books in Libraries outside Keio

Other Application Form

Mita Media Center (Keio University Library)
Hiyoshi Media Center (Hiyoshi Library)
Media Center for Science and Technology  
Shinanomachi Media Center
SFC Media Center
Library of Nursing and Medical Care
Media Center for Pharmaceutical Sciences