[Important Notice]Circumstances Associated with the Restarting of the Library Services. Last updated: Apr. 1


For the time being, we provide limited services such as shorter hours in order to prevent the further spread of the coronavirus. For details, check the website of the library you plan to visit.

Though all Keio University campuses have reopened, there are still restrictions on campus entry. The visiting person must be a member of Keio University, and is required to wear a face mask. Please refer to the following websites and web pages as well for more details:

<The Latest Information on Library Services>
-Mita Media Center
-Hiyosi Media Center
--Hiyoshi Library
--Kyoseikan Library
-Shinanomachi Media Center
-Media Center for Science and Technology
-Shonan Fujisawa Media Center
-Library of Nursing and Medical Care
-Media Center for Pharmaceutical Sciences

For changes in library schedule, please refer to the web calendar of the library you plan to visit.

<The Lastest Information on Campus Entry>
-"Use of Campus Facilities(from the Fall Semester)" on Keio University Website
-"Use of campus facilities" on Keio University Student Website

<Notices on Your Visit>
-Please stay home if you have any bad symptom such as a fever.
-We kindly ask you to keep yourself clean and safe. Spray your hands with rubbing alcohol, and wear a face mask. Frequent hand washing is strongly recommended.
-Be aware of social distancing, and do not stay inside the library for a long time.
-When too crowded, we would control the number of persons inside the library.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.