[Important Notice]To All the Borrowers

Due to coronavirus outbreak, the campus was closed down, and all the courses were delivered online during the spring semester.
In consideration of the closure of the campus facilities including the libraries, Media Center has extended your loan periods 4 times so far since April. Although necessary, the special measures could have caused delays in processing book requests.
From the fall semester a part of the lectures will resume to face-to-face delivery, and accordingly, there will be some changes in the library services.
We are going to make our best efforts to bring the services back to normal, solving the delays caused by circumstances.

 ‐ We will suspend the loan period extension which has been provided as special measures.
  The suspension starts on October 9.
 ‐ The maximum length of the period capable of renewal depends on the item and the patron's status.
  Depending on the situation, your loan period may not be extended to October 8 or further.
  However, any overdue fines newly incurred before March 31, 2021 would be waived.
  Do not attempt to return your loans when it is hard for you to go out, even if the books are overdue.
  Please ignore overdue notice emails that are generated and sent to you automatically.
 ‐ If you are finished with the items you have borrowed, or the items are reserved by someone else, we kindly ask you to return them as soon as possible.
  Returning by mail is welcome. Please note the shipping fee is on you.

Before visiting us, please check our website for the latest information on hours and services.
We apologize for any inconvenience caused by COVID-19, and appreciate your understanding and cooperation.