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For those not affiliated with the Faculty of Pharmacy/Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences



    Keio University Media Center for Pharmaceutical Sciences

    Keio University Media Center for Pharmaceutical Sciences (Shiba-Kyoritsu Pharmaceutical Library) specializes in pharmacy and other life sciences. Although a small library, with a collection of approximately 50,000 volumes and 150 seats, we provide a wide range of services in cooperation with other Keio University libraries. In addition to the library resources necessary for the university curriculum, including textbooks for course lectures and preparation books for Licensing Exams for Pharmacist, we also provide light reading collections, such as magazines and travel guidebooks in the Browsing Area. The Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences and the Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences train medical professionals in various fields, including not only pharmacists, but also other medical practitioners who make use of their pharmacist license, scientists who exercise leadership over companies and government, and chemists involved in drug discovery and life sciences. As a library affiliated with the School, we comply with our patrons' requests and needs for information.

    Keio University Media Center for Pharmaceutical Sciences
    Keio University Library for Pharmaceutical Science @Keio_PhaLib