Kyoseikan Library (Hiyoshi Media Center)

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Library Calendar

  • WRegular Hours (Weekdays) 8:45-21:00

  • SRegular Hours (Sat.) 8:45-21:00

  • WSShort Hours (Weekdays) 8:45-18:00

  • SSShort Hours (Sat.) 8:45-16:00

  • STShort Hours (Sun.)

  • CClosed

  • OOthers

  • UUndetermined


Kyoseikan Library

The Kyoseikan library on the 4th floor of Kyoseikan (the Collaboration Complex) mainly provides services to members of 3 graduate schools: Graduate School of Business Administration (Business School), Graduate School of System Design and Management, and Graduate School of Media Design. We collect materials for 3 graduate schools and support their research activities.
The library has a calm atmosphere, and you can see the students practicing at the athletic stadium through the window.