Media Center for Pharmaceutical Sciences Library

Eligible Users

If you are not a student of the Faculty of Pharmacy or Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, or a faculty/staff member of Keio University, you are required to apply in advance to enter the Media Center for Pharmaceutical Sciences. Please see the following for details.

Students other than the Faculty of Pharmacy/Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences (Including Correspondence Course Students) [Japanese]

Alumni of Keio University and Kyoritsu College of Pharmacy [Japanese]


Persons affiliated with Waseda University
Persons affiliated with Jikei University

"Joint Library Card" is needed to enter the Media Center for Pharmaceutical Sciences. Please ask the librarian at the Jikei University Academic Information Center.

Persons affiliated with other universities; the general public

Media Center for Pharmaceutical Sciences is not open to the general public.

Persons who want to use special materials held in the collections at Keio or materials not available at other libraries for research purposes can take advantage of the copying services or view materials in the library. Inquiries regarding materials can be made to the Media Centers through the library at your affiliated institution or through your local public library. We do not accept individual inquiries.

Libray computers, electronic resources such as journals, books, and databases are not available.

Please prioritize use of the National Diet Library or public libraries when materials are available at these institutions. Persons under 18 are not permitted to enter the Keio libraries.