Privacy Policy of the Media Center

Established : March 31, 2005
Rivised : May 23, 2008
Rivised : April 16, 2013
Rivised : March 31, 2016

Keio University Media Center (hereafter, "the Media Center") utilizes personal information obtained from users for the purposes of offering various library services, improving library administration and enabling effective operations. Personal information shall be handled properly and safely based on"Keio University Basic Policy Concerning Protection of Personal Information" (hereafter, "the Basic Policy") and in accordance with "Keio University Rules to Protect Personal Information", the internal rule of the University.

The following is additional explanation on the Basic Policy for handling personal information at the Media Center.

1.Purpose of Using Personal Information
At the Media Center, usage of personal information obtained from users is limited to the following purposes:
①Offering various library services
②Contacting users for requested services
③Improving library operation and management
We shall not use personal information for the other purposes. If need should arise to obtain personal information for the purpose other than those mentioned above, the objective of the usage shall be clarified.

2.How We Collect Personal Information
The Media Center collects personal information of users through the following ways:
①Directly from submissions of various applications/questionnaires from users
②Indirectly from other facilities in the University
If need should arise to obtain indirectly from other facilities in the University for the purpose other than those mentioned above, the objective of the usage shall be disclosed as soon as possible.

3.Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties
The Media Center shall take necessary and appropriate measures to secure personal information it obtained if need should arise to provide to the third party.

(1)The Media Center shall not provide personal information it obtained to the third party with exception of the following cases.
①Cases in which a user name or ID number is posted on the specified bulletin board in the University to contact a user for necessary information.
②Cases in which contact with a user is unavailable and contact with a guarantor is necessary. There may be some cases in which a contact is made to relating persons in the research office, classroom or medical department.
③Cases in which a name, affiliation or student number is provided along with the requested material information to other libraries for which a user requests a copy of material, books, or a referral issuance through the inter-library cooperation services.
④Cases in which information is provided to libraries run by other departments or schools adopting combined education system for the purposes such as promoting the use of the same ticket.
(2)Though there are some cases in which the Media Center discloses statistical material within the annual report of its activities, information leading to identification of each user shall not be disclosed without prior consent.

The Keio University Media Center refers to the following eight libraries.

Media Center Head Office
Mita Media Center (Keio University Library)
Hiyoshi Media Center (Hiyoshi Library)
Information and Media Center for Science and Technology (Matsushita Memorial Library)
Shinanomachi Media Center (Kitasato Memorial Library)
SFC Media Center
Information and Media Center for Pharmaceutical Sciences
Yamanaka Book Depository