Purchase Request

We happily purchase items that help your study, research, education and other academic activities. You may place a purchase request on the item that is not included in our library collections.

Eligible Patrons

Keio University faculty/staff members and graduate/undergraduate/correspondence students who meet certain requirements.

Notices on Purchase Request

  • Before placing a request, search KOSMOS and make sure the item you plan to request is NOT included in our collections. We do not accept your request if the item is already a part of our collections.
  • You are required to let us know the reason for the request. Please fill out the corresponding field on the request form.
  • Decision is made on a basis of the selection criteria of each Media Center. Your request may be turned down if it does not meet our criteria.
  • Please keep in mind that a request, once accepted, could be canceled for some reasons such as out-of-stock or print.
  • It takes time for the requested items to be available. For books in Japanese, it would take approximately 2 or 3 weeks to be acquired. For books in Western languages, 1 to 3 months. We recommend that you place a purchase request well in advance.
  • It would also take time to make decisions on purchasing expensive items or on subscribing to journal titles. If you are in a hurry, try InterLibrary Loan Service instead. The service enables you to request the same item from other libraries for borrowing or photocopying.

Online Forms for Purchase Request

Each Media Center operates its own online form(s) for purchase request. Choose a library from the below to ask for purchase. Fill out the online form corresponding to your choice, then submit.

Mita Media Center Online Request Forms for Faculty and Staff / for Students Details
Hiyoshi Media Center (Hiyoshi Library) Online Request Form Details
Shinanomachi Media Center Details, and Online Request Form
Media Center for Science and Technology Online Request Form 
Shonan Fujisawa Media Center Online Request Form 
Library of Nursing and Medical Care Online Request Form
Kyoseikan Library Online Request Form Details 
Media Center for Pharmaceutical Sciences Online Request Form