Media Center for Pharmaceutical Sciences Library

Media Center for Pharmaceutical Sciences: Media Center Guidelines

Media Center Guidelines

  • Make sure to complete the necessary procedures at the library counter before taking any items out of the library.
    The return procedure must be done by yourself.
  • Please notify staff immediately if any library materials, equipment, or facilities are lost, marked, or damaged.
  • You will be required to reimburse the library purchase price in cash of any library item that you have lost, marked, or damaged.
  • Phone calls, eating, and taking photographs are prohibited within the center.
    Please set you mobile phone or smartphone to vibrate.
    You may only bring drinks into the center if they are in a sealed container with a lid.
    Please apply in advance if you need to take photographs or film in the library.
  • It is your own responsibility to look after your valuables and personal belongings.
  • Please refrain from leaving personal belongings on seats so as not to inconvenience other people using the center.
  • Please follow staff guidance and instructions regarding all other matters.

※You may be asked to leave the center if you are deemed to be using it incorrectly.