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Keio University libraries (Media Centers) on each of six major campuses support the educational, research, and medical activities. The massive collection of books and journals together with the various academic databases and electronic journals adds the depth to research and learning. The libraries also provide various type of reading room from the space for quiet study to an active discussion.
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Mita Media Center

The Mita Media Center has its direct origins in the original Keio University Library built in 1912, which then expanded with a new building in 1982, with a clear focus on the humanities and social sciences. A combined total of 2.8 million books and many digital resources makes this one of the best facilities of its kind in Japan.

Hiyoshi Media Center

The Hiyoshi Media Center is designed primarily as a library for the students at Hiyoshi Campus, who are mostly in their first and second years of study. It provides seminars on library use as well as essential materials on areas of the humanities and the social and natural sciences to students just embarking on their voyage of higher learning. It also provides research materials on specific fields for the three graduate programs located on Hiyoshi Campus.

Shinanomachi Media Center

One of Japan's leading medical libraries, the center is home to several important collections for medicine and related fields. With collections such as the Fujikawa Bunko Collection, the center helps to preserve Japanese medical history for future generations.

Media Center for Science and Technology

One of Japan's leading science and technology libraries. As a library specifically tailored to science and technology, materials are made easily available to off-campus researchers. The library is also an ideal study environment, with a spacious lounge, quiet study areas, and group study rooms. One of study rooms are open 24-hours a day during exam periods.

Shonan Fujisawa Media Center and Library of Nursing and Medical Care

By providing information resources as well as tools for creating and disseminating information, the Shonan Fujisawa Media Center and the Library of Nursing and Medical Care support the research and educational activities of students, faculty and staff at Shonan Fujisawa Campus. Their collection offers a broad variety of materials that reflect a practical, interdisciplinary emphasis in keeping with the SFC motto "self-reliance in identifying and solving problems. As a one-stop location for various study and research activities, the Media Center is furnished with Group Study Rooms, Video Shooting/Sound Recording Studios, AV equipment such as high definition digital cameras and audio/visual editing devices, and additionally, cutting-edge tools that support creativity--among them 3D printers, digital embroidery sewing machines, and laser cutters.

Media Center for Pharmaceutical Sciences

The Media Center for Pharmaceutical Sciences, Keio University's sixth Media Center, was opened in April 2008 after Keio's merger with Kyoritsu University of Pharmacy. The center houses a wide range of resources in the fields of pharmacy and life sciences and is used by students, faculty, and alumni engaged in the field.

Media Center Head Office

The Head Office integrates acquisition and cataloging of all Keio libraries, administrates library system, and operates Keio's institutional repositories "KOARA: KeiO Associated Repository of Academic Resources" as well as "Digital Collections of Keio University Libraries". The head office is also responsible for coordinating among campus libraries and in charge of public relation duties with external libraries and associate organizations.


  • 1858 Yukichi Fukuzawa opens school for Dutch study
  • 1871 Gepparo room of Shimabara estate converted to first library
  • 1887 Shosekikan or Shojaku-kwan (library) was established in the auditorium building
  • 1912 Keio Universsity Library opened to commemorate 50th anniversary of founding of Keio
  • 1935 Hiyoshi Preparatory Course Library opened
  • 1937 Kitasato Memorial Medical Library opened
  • 1944 Ginjiro Fujiwawa donated Fujiwasra Institute of Technology to Keio and Faculty of Engineering Library opened in Hiyoshi
       Kitasato Memorial Medical Library was donated to Keio
  • 1958 Fujiyama Memorial Library in Hiyoshi opened
  • 1968 Keio University Library building was designated national cultural property
  • 1970 Library reorganized to 'Library and Information Center'
  • 1971 Matsushita Memorial Library was built with financial support from Konosuke Matsushita in Yagamai
  • 1982 New Mita Library opened in Mita
  • 1985 Hiyoshi Library was built to commemorate 125th anniversary of Keio
  • 1990 Shonan Fujisawa Media Center opened with inauguration of SFC Campus
  • 1991 First Library System, KOSMOS, was launched
  • 1993 Library and Information Center reorganized to ' Media Net'
  • 1994 Yamanaka Deposit Library opened
  • 1999 Library System, KOSMOSII, was launched
       Hakuraku Satellite Library opened
  • 2001 Library Nursing and Medical Care opened in SFC
  • 2002 Raiosha Reference Library opened in Hiyoshi
  • 2004 Media Net reorganized to 'Media Center'
  • 2005 South Building library opened in Mita
  • 2008 Media Center for Pharmaceutical Science opened in Shiba
       Kyoseikan Library opend in Hiyoshi
  • 2010 Library System, KOSMOSIII, was launched
  • 2015 Hakuraku Satellite Library closed
  • 2016 Yamanaka Deposit Library second Building opened
  • 2019 Joint operation of library system with Waseda University Library started   Library System, KOSMOSIV, was launched