For Undergraduate and Graduate Students

Entering the Libraries

You need your student ID card to enter the libraries.
*Undergraduate students must apply in advance to the Hiyoshi Media Center when visiting the Kyoseikan Library. Please refer to Kyoseikan Library website for details.
*Students other than the Faculty of Pharmacy/Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences are required to apply in advance when visiting the Media Center for Pharmaceutical Sciences. Please refer to the website of Media Center for Pharmaceutical Sciences for details.

Borrowing, Returning, Renewal, Placing a Hold (Reservation)


Bring the items to borrow along with your student ID card to the library counter. Some of our collections are in-ibrary use only. Some need to be requested in advance.

General Loan Rules for Undergradute Students

Holding LibrariesMaximum Number of LoansLoan PeriodOverdue Fine per Day
Mita, Hiyoshi, Sci&Tech, Med, SFC, PHA, NMC No Limit 14 Days 10 yen for an Item
Kyoseikan Not Available for Loan Not Available for Loan --

General Loan Rules for Graduate Students

Holding LibrariesMaximum Number of LoansLoan PeriodOverdue Fine per Day
Mita, Hiyoshi, Sci&Tech, SFC, PHA No Limit 30 Days 10 yen for an Item
Med, NMC No Limit 14 Days 10 yen for an Item
Kyoseikan 20 Items 30 Days 10 yen for an Item

*The loan period depends on your status and the call number of the item to borrow.
*Some of our collections have loan periods different from the above. For details, please refer to this table.
*To view your loan history, check your My Library on KOSMOS.


Bring the items to return along with your student ID card to the library counter. You may return the items to any of Keio University Libraries. Please be aware of your due dates. You must bring the items on your own and return them in person. We do not accept returning by other person, or by mail.
*We charge you overdue fine of 10 yen for an item per day.
*We also ask you to pay replacement fee in cash for a lost or damaged item.

Returning Library Items by Mail

We accept returns by mail.
‐The shipping fee is on you. Keep in mind that you are responsible for any problems occuring during transit.
‐Send your loans to the library of your home campus. The sending address is listed above.
‐Pack the items with care to prevent any damage. We may ask you for replacement cost if the items get damaged during transit.
‐Please write "return books included" on the package or invoice.
‐Please contact the receiving library to let them know that the items will be coming, as well as the date of dispatch and the designated date of delivery.
‐Make sure that the loans arrive at the library on or before the due dates. Return process will be carried out as soon as we receive them. We regard the "date of dispatch" as the date of return regardless of the actual arrival date.
‐If you are late returning your overdue items by the date above, you will be required to pay fines. Please visit our counter to make payment.

Sending Addresses and Contact Information of the Circulation Department of the Libraries:
‐Mita Media Center: 2-15-45 Mita, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-8345 / 03-5427-1654 /
‐Hiyoshi Media Center: 4-1-1 Hiyoshi, Kohoku-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa 223-8521 / 045-566-1038 /
‐Shinanomachi Media Center: 35 Shinanomachi, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-8582 / 03-5363-3725 /
‐Media Center for Science & Technology: 3-14-1 Hiyoshi, Kohoku-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa 223-8522 / 045-566-1477 /
‐Shonan Fujisawa Media Center: 5322 Endo, Fujisawa-shi, Kanagawa 252-0882 / 0466-49-3429 /
‐Media Center for Pharmaceutical Sciences:1-5-30 Shibakoen, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-8512 / 03-5400-2679 /
‐Kyoseikan Library: 4-1-1 Hiyoshi, Kohoku-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa 223-8521 / 045-564-2445/
‐Library of Nursing of Medical Care: 4411 Endo, Fujisawa-shi, Kanagawa 252-0883 / 0466-49-6204 /


You may renew your loan periods at a library counter in person, or by signing into My Library on KOSMOS. No renewal is accepted if the period for renewal has reached the maximum, or someone else has reserved the item. You may renew as many times as you would like within the given length of period shown on the table below. When renewing an overdue item, you are required to pay the fine. Please make payment at the counter when returning the item.

Loan PeriodMaximum Length of Period for Renewal
7 Days 21 Days from Date of Borrowing
14 Days 90 Days from Date of Borrowing
30 Days 90 Days from Date of Borrowing
90 Days 365 Days from Date of Borrowing

Placing a Hold on Items Held by Keio University Libraries

You may place a hold on the item currently on loan, or held in other Keio University Libraries. If a copy of the book is "in place" at the pickup library you have selected, your request may be rejected. Please go directly to the shelf to fetch it. Here are the procedures for placing a hold on library items:

  • Click "REQUEST" displayed on the search result of KOSMOS; your Keio ID is required to proceed. *Best preferred
  • Use online form in case that "REQUEST" is not displayed.
  • Bring your student ID card to the library counter if you have difficulty in requesting online.


The photocopy machines in the library are for photocopying library items, not your personal belongings such as notebooks. Please be aware that you must comply with copyright laws and related acts. The photocopy machines are either card or coin operated. Before photocopying library items, fill out an "Application Form for Photocopying Library Items," which is available in the box next to the photocopy machines. Read the notices on the form thoroughly before getting started.

Black and WhiteColor
Self-Photocopying 10 yen per Page 50 yen per Page
Photocopying Service by Library sSaff 30 yen per Page 100 yen per Page

Using Computers and Network

Using the Library Computers

In the libraries, there are computers available to students, faculty and staff affiliated with Keio Universities. An ITC account (or a CNS account on Shonan Fujisawa Campus) issued by the Information Technology Center (ITC) is required to use the computers.

Using Your Own Computer

You need WiFi settings to connect to the campus network. You need your Keio ID or ITC account for the settings. The instruction is shown on ITC's website. Please refer to the floor maps as well to locate the place where you are permitted to use your computer.

Assistance in Finding/Searching

Reference librarians give you instruction and assistance in using library resources such as library collections, databases, and electronic journals/books. If you need help, feel free to visit the reference counter at your home library. You may also ask questions online via Ask Us! (Online Reference).

Document Delivery and Interlibrary Loan

Document Delivery (Photocopy Request)

You may request photocopies of journal aritcles or other library items that are not available at your home library. For details, please refer to Document Delivery (Photocopy Request).

Interlibrary Loan

You may request books from other Keio University Libraries or universities/institutions outside Keio, either in Japan or overseas. For journals, please request photocopies instead; journals are not for loan. For details, please refer to Interlibrary Loan/Reservation.

Purchase Request

We happily purchase items that help your study, research, education and other academic activities. You may place a purchase request on the item that is not included in our library collections. For details, please refer to Purchase Request .

Waivers, Discounts and Grants for Article Processing Charges (APCs) *For Graduate Students

There are cases in which authors affiliated with Keio University get full exemption, partial financial aid or discount on their APCs.
For more information, please visit the following page and apply directly.

Waivers, Discounts and Grants for Article Processing Charges (APCs)

Visiting/Using Libraries Outside Keio University

University Libraries in Partnership with Keio

Waseda University Libraries

In accordance with the partnership agreement, Keio University members are allowed to visit the following Waseda University Libraries without any appointment or visiting arrangement: Central, Toyama, Science & Engineering, and Tokorozawa Libraries. All you need is your student/faculty ID card. For other Waseda University Libraries, such as S. Takata Memorial Research Library, you may be required to bring a letter of introduction. For details, please refer to Visiting/Using University Libraries in Partnership: Waseda University Libraries.

Hitotsubashi University Libraries

You may access Hitotsubashi University Library (Central Library), IER (Institute of Economic Research) Library, Research Centre for Information and Statistics of Social Science, and the Chiyoda Campus Library without any appointment or visiting arrangement. Bring your student/faculty ID card when visiting. For details, see Visiting/Using University Libraries in Partnership: Hitotsubashi University Libraries.

University Libraries in Kanagawa Prefecture

Graduate students affiliated with Hiyoshi, Yagami, and Shonan Fujisawa campuses, and undergraduate students affiliated with Yagami and Shonan Fujisawa campuses may visit the university libraries that are members of Kanagawa Library Association (KLA) by presenting the entry pass, "神奈川県内大学図書館共通閲覧証" in Japanese and your student ID card. For more details, please refer to Visiting/Using Libraries in Partnership: University Libraries in Kanagawa Prefecture.

Other University Libraries

Libraries in Japan

Generally, you are required to bring a letter of introduction to visit a university library in Japan. You may get the letter at any of Keio University Libraries. Some university libraries, mainly of national universities, are open to general public, thus they do not require any letters. Before getting started, please check the visitor policy of the library you plan to visit; it is generally written on the library's website. You may also make an inquiry via your home library. A letter of introduction may be requested online or in person at the reference counter.

Libraries Abroad

In most countries, a letter of introduction for library visiting is not common. The requirements for visitors may differ among libraries. We suggest you check the visitor policy in advance; it is generally written on the webite of the library you plan to visit. If you find difficulty in finding the contact information of the library, please ask us for help.

If it is not sure whether a letter of introduction is required or not, and you are willing to take one with you for just in case, you may request the letter online or in person at the reference counter. The letter will be written in English. Note that the letter does NOT guarantee your acceptance to the library. It is to confirm that you are affiliated with Keio University. In some cases, an international student ID card including a photograph may be required instead.

Notice of Membership Renewal

If you are in the final year at Keio University, your library membership will expire in mid-March or early September, depending on your admission period. We offer membership renewal to those who are going to remain at Keio University for another academic year. Note that the application must be made by the very last due date of your loan.

‐Depending on the semester, your membership will be extended until the end of April or October.
‐The renewal is for those who will remain at Keio University as degree students.
 If you are going to be a non-degree student, or a faculty/staff member, your membership cannot be extended.
‐Before application, make sure that you do not have any overdue books, unpaid fines and replacement cost.
‐It will take a few days to complete the procedure.
‐Your active loans will not be renewed automatically. After the membership renewal, extend your loan periods by signing into your My Library.
‐We also accept applications via web form.