Collaboration, Partnership / Survey, Research

Collaboration, Partnership

Joint operation of library system with Waseda University Library

Keio University Media Center (Library) and Waseda University Library launched Japan's first jointly-operated library system in September 2019. This realized the simultaneous retrieval of materials from Waseda and Keio, as well as the joint creation of catalog data and the sharing of bibliographic databases. Keio University will continue to enhance its collaborative structures on the foundation of this jointly-operated system, and actively seeks to engage with new frameworks to enable further contributions to the research and education of both schools.
A symposium was held in February of 2020 as an opportunity to share broadly the experiences gained through the process, from system selection to its implementation and the start of its operation.

  • These are the reports provided by each duties team on the day.
  • ・General overview Report
  • ・System Report
  • ・Catalog Report
  • ・Acquisition Report
  • ・Electronic resources Report
  • ・Fulfillment Report
  • ・Discovery Report
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Participation in PRRLA(2020-)

The Pacific Rim Research Libraries Alliance (PRRLA), whose members are comprised of research libraries in North America, Oceania, and Asia, aims to share expertise through the exchange of librarians, with a focus on joint use of digitized academic information. Keio University joined the project in 2020 and has been providing digital materials related to Yukichi Fukuzawa to the Pacific Rim Library (PRL). In-person exchange has not been possible due to the overlap in timing with the spread of COVID-19 infections.


For the mutual lending and borrowing of materials with overseas universities (ILL) and cataloguing, Keio University participates in and utilizes the services of OCLC (Online Computer Library Center, Inc.), the world's largest bibliographic utility. Keio University promotes the collection and exchange of information on case examples of libraries in various countries and the latest trends at OCLC through attending international conferences as a member of the Asia Pacific Regional Council.

Participation in OCLC Research Library Partnership(2011-2020)

Keio University joined the Research Library Group (RLG), a consortium of research libraries based in the U.S.A., as a general member in October 2002. In 2006 the RLG merged with the OCLC, and in July 2011 the OCLC Research Library Partnership (ORLP) was established and took over the RLG, making Keio University the first university from East Asia to become an official member. Keio University remained active in the group until June 2020. In that time, Keio University cooperated in surveys and studies related to research libraries including metadata, and held an international forum on university libraries with ORLP staff attendees.

Research Support and Libraries -- How Universities Should Approach the "Chaos" of the Research Cycle

The Future of Printed Collections at University Libraries -- Possibilities for Japanese Editions of Shared Print

Participation in IGeLU Conference

Keio University has adopted an overseas library system since 2010. Every year, staff members are sent to user meetings in regions of Europe and Asia where the same system is being used. Not only are they introduced to new products and functions while obtaining the latest information on development plans, but they also participate in discussions including on technology trends and development requests from users.

Google Books Library Project and HathiTrust

Keio University participated in the Google Books Library Project, digitizing and publishing approximately 100,000 materials in Japanese from 2007 through to 2010 for which the period of copyright protection had expired. The outcomes of this project were then offered to the HathiTrust Shared Repository, which was established in the main by North American libraries participating in the Google Books Library Project in 2014, contributing to the development of global Japanese studies.

Survey, Research

User surveys

The Media Centers conducted user surveys aimed at ascertaining the needs of users and improving services.

Academic E-Books Experiment Project (2010-2014)

Keio University conducted experiments to get an indication of the methods by which to offer academic and specialist books electronically along with the issues that exist at university libraries, through digitizing academic and specialist texts in cooperation with publishers, etc., offering these by various means to students and faculty and staff members, and observing their reactions.