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User Guide / General Library

Please refer to the "Library Calendar" page.

User Guide / General Library Circulation 03-5427-1654
(Weekdays until 17:00)
Opening hours (24-hour recorded message) Circulation 03-5427-1529 22596


Collection Search, Item Search

Reference Desk
Tel.: 03-5427-1658, or ext.: 22543, fax: 03-5427-1665 (Weekdays until 17:00)

Use of Library

Circulation Services
Tel.: 03-5427-1654, or ext.: 22533, fax: 03-5484-7780 (Weekdays until 17:00)

Mutual Loans (ILL -- Document Deliveries [Reproductions] / Material Requests)

ILL Section 
Tel.: 03-5427-1657, or ext.: 22536 (Weekdays until 17:00)

Toyama Music Collection (Please see the "Toyama Music Collection" page [Japanese])

Reference Desk  
Tel.: 03-5427-1658, Fax: 03-5427-1665 (Weekdays until 17:00)

EUi (European Info) (Please see the "EUi (European Info)" page)

Reference Desk  
Tel.: 03-5427-1658, Fax: 03-5427-1665 (Weekdays until 17:00)

Database Connection Problems

Please make inquiries after looking at the "Database NAVI FAQ" page on the Database NAVI.
Please see the explanation page for the applicable database or "What's New" on the top page of the Database NAVI for updates on current technical problems.

Library Materials and Database Purchases

For library materials purchases, please apply from here.

Donation of Materials

The Mita Media Center accept donations of rare books and Keio University and/or Yukichi Fukuzawa related historical materials. Please contact the Book Selection Section for further information.
Please also note that if you send the donating materials to us without any prior notice, the materials will be handled as follows.
 ・We will not send any notice when the donated material was not added to our collection.
 ・Donated materials will not be returned.

Book Selection Section 
Tel.: 03-5427-1661, or ext.: 22546 (Weekdays until 17:00)

Rare Materials / Photography, Publication Requests (Please see the "Rare Book Room" page)

Special Collections Section 
Tel.: 03-5427-1666, or ext.: 22560, fax: 03-5427-1474 (Weekdays until 17:00)

Opinions & Inquiries (Please see "Frequently Asked Questions" page)

Please send your opinions and requests to the Media Centers by contacting us using this form.
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