Kyoseikan Library (Hiyoshi Media Center)

For External Users (Persons from outside Keio University)


The Kyoseikan Library is not open to the public. Only the following people are available outside Keio University.

KBS Supporting Members

Please bring your employee ID card that can verify your identity.
KBS Supporting Member List [Japanese]

If you come after 5:00p.m. on weekdays or on Saturdays, please be sure to contact us in advance.

Persons who have been introduced by the faculty of 3 grad schools of Kyoseikan

Please come with the faculty member of 3 grad schools of Kyoseikan or have the faculty member contact us in advance. Please bring your ID on the day.

* Referrals from the faculty members other than 3 grad schools of Kyoseikan are invalid.
* 3 grad schools: Graduate School of Business Administration, Graduate School of System Design and Management, Graduate School of Media Design

Students and faculty members affiliated to other universities / Persons affiliated to laboratories or companies

You can enter our library only if the materials you want to use are not held in the library of your institution.
Please inform us in advance the material you wish to use and the date you wish to come through the library of your institution, and bring a letter of introduction issued by your library and your ID.
For Librarians (Library staff)
* A letter of introduction issued by public libraries are not accepted.
* Please enter by 5:00p.m. on weekdays. (You cannot enter after 5:00p.m. or on Saturday.)
* If you want to use inter-library loan services or document delivery services, please consult with your library.

Available Services

  • Reading library materials. (You cannot check them out.)
  • Photocopying library materials. * see Copy Service.

* You cannot use library computers and databases.