Shinanomachi Media Center (Kitasato Memorial Medical Library)

Building and its History (History of the Library)

Building (at completion)

Groundbreaking June 5, 1936
Completion Oct 7, 1937
Site area 2,131,025m2
Building area 893,332m2
Stories Two stories above ground and one below (Note: Two mezzanine floors in the stock)
Floor space 2,891,837m2
Eave height 14.85m
Construction Reinforced concrete partially with steel
Exterior Granite front (porch and stairs), frost tiles walls
Architectural style Modern renaissance
Architect Junken WADA
Builder Shimizu-gumi
Building cost 238,856.39JPY
Contributions 300,160.12JPY

Highlights from the Library's History

1936 Jun Break ground funded by the Association of Building a Kitasato Memorial Medical Library
1937 Oct Building completion / Kitasato Memorial Medical Library established
1944 Mar Library officially donated to Keio Gijuku
1971 Apr Name change to: Medical Information Center (Kitasato Memorial Medical Library)
1972 Apr International Medical Information Center established
Services partially transferred to the center
1988 Apr Nursing College Library established
1991 Feb Committee of Historical Materials at the School of Medicine formed
1993 Apr Name change to: Medical Information and Media Center (Kitasato Memorial Medical Library)
2003 Mar Nursing College Library closed
2004 Apr Name changed to: Shinanomachi Media Center (Kitasato Memorial Medical Library)
2009 Jan Kenko Joho Hiroba opened in Keio Hospital

Past & Present Directors

1944- 1st Hisashi Washinosu
1945- 2nd Toratoshi Taniguchi, M.D.
1949- 3rd Yoshio Kusama, M.D., PhD
1955- 4th Daizo Ushiba, M.D.
1965- 5th Toshio Toyama, M.D. MPH
1975- 6th Kazuyo Shimai, M.D.
1975- 7th Hideo Hosaki, M.D.
1981- 8th Kazuyo Shimai, M.D.
1985- 9th Tetsuro Yokoyama, M.D.
1991- 10th Ryuichi Kato, M.D.
1995- 11th Haruhiko Sakurai, M.D., MPH
1995- 12th Akimichi Kaneko, M.D.
1999- 13th Naoki Aikawa, M.D.
2003- 14th Shigeo Koyasu, PhD.
2007- 15th Keiichi Fukuda, M.D.
2015- 16th Toshiaki Monkawa, M.D.