Shinanomachi Media Center (Kitasato Memorial Medical Library)

Floor Guide: Shinanomachi Media Center

Books published after 2001 are kept in the the stacks on the first and second floor.
Serials published after 2002 are kept in the stacks between the second and fourth floors.
Books published before 1985 and serials published before 1998 are kept in the Yamanaka Book Depository.

Stack Room 4F Copy Machine, KOSMOS
Serials(2002-) N-Z
Stack Room 3F Copy Machine, KOSMOS
Serials(2002-) E-M
Stack Room 2F Copy Machine, KOSMOS
Books(2001-) WT-Z, Serials(2002-) A-D, Statistics
Stack Room 1F Copy Machine, KOSMOS
Books(2001-) A-WS, Latest Issues
1F Service Counter, Reference Desk, Active Area, Browsing Area
Latest Issues, Text Books, Clinical Guidelines, ITC-PCs
B1 E-Learning Room, Media Room, Quiet Study Room
Serials(1999-2001), Books(1986-2000)
Reference Books, Books of Keio, Old Reference Books

Floor Map



Stack 1F

Stack 2F

Stack 3F

Stack 4F