Shinanomachi Media Center (Kitasato Memorial Medical Library)

ILL Requests (Photocopies)

This page is for Keio University faculty, staffs, students, and alumni of Shinanomachi Campus and Faculty of Nursing & Medical Care. Other alumni ; click here. Visitors ; click here.

Photocopying in the Library

Please beware of the Copyright Law when photocopying.
Self-photocopying or staff-photocopying is available.

Hours Until 30 minutes before closing
Fees Shown below
How to Get Photocopy 【Self-Photocopying】
The copy card is available at the service counter in the amount of 500 yen.
Photocopy machines are located on each floor.

Bring the item to photocopy to the service counter.
Complete the application form and place it at the last page of your request.

【Fees】 ※Fax delivery of photocopies from the Yamanaka Book Depository

Self-Photocopying Staff-Photocopying
Regular Regular Yamanaka (A4/B4)※ Microform Printout(A4)
Black&White Color Black&White Color Black&White Black&White
10 yen 70 yen 30 yen 100 yen 10 yen 30 yen

Photocopying Request via Web Form

If the item to photocopy is not held in the Shinanomachi Media Center, You may order photocopies of items held inside and outside of Keio University libraries.
Delivery service is also available.

How to Request
  • Via web form REQUEST
  • Download and complete an application form and send it by postal mail or FAX. FORM(PDF) FORM(EXCEL)
    【Send to】
    Keio University Shinanomachi Media Center, Department of ILL
    35 Shinanomachi, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-8582, Japan
    FAX: 03-5363-3859
Additional Information
  • The eligible patrons for the service are Keio University faculty, staffs, students, and the alumni of Shinanomachi Campus and Faculty of Nursing & Medical Care.
  • You need your library card or Student ID to use the service. Click here for detail on library card.
  • If the item you have requested is not held in the Keio University libraries, the request may be sent automatically to the library of another institution or university.
    Please give us a comment on the web form if you do not order to outside library.