Media Center for Science and Technology (Matsushita Memorial Library)


Welcome to Media Center for Science and Technology!
Take an Online Library Tour (3min.) to familiarize yourself with the location of various Library collections and facilities, and to have a brief overview of the Library services.


The Media Center consists of the basement and first floor of Building 14 (Sosokan), the first and second floors of Building 15 (Main Building), and the basement of Building 16 (Annex).

Sosokan (Bldg. 14)
Circulation Desk
Learning Area
PC Area / Scanners
75 inch TV
Soso Collection
New Arrival Books
Sosokan (Bldg. 14)
Study Room
Seminar Room A/B
Main Building (Bldg. 15)
Reference Desk
Reading Area
PC Area
AV Booth
CD-ROM Library
Learning Support Area
Microfiche Scanner
Photocopy Machines / Printer
Seminar Room C
Journals(2007 - Latest issue)
Learning Support Collection
Japanese Textbooks
Junior and High School Textbooks
Course Reserve
Books on Keio
AV Materials
Main Building (Bldg. 15)
Reading Area
Group Study Room
Doctoral Dissertations
Master's Theses
Annex (Bldg. 16) Reading Area Journals(1981-2006), Standards, Books(old ed.)

*Mathematics Library is on the fifth floor of the Sosokan (14-535).

*Technology and Tools

Circulation Desk

The Circulation Desk, located next to the entrance, handles the following services;

  • Borrowing and returning
  • Application for the Study Room
  • Picking up your requests
  • Registration

Circulation Desk

Technology and Tools Available in the Library *FOR IN-LIBRARY USE ONLY

Please apply at the Circulation Desk.

PC & Audio Visual AccessoriesOthers
Networking Cable
External Optical Drive
External Floppy Disk Drive
Remote Control for Audio Visual Devices
Power Strip
USB to HDMI Adaptor(TypeA・TypeC)
USB-C Hub Multiport Adapter
Writing Tablet
Magnifying Glass
Reading Guide Strip

Learning Area

In the Leaning Area, just in front of the entrance, you can study either alone or in a group.
You can move and arrange furniture as individual desks or tables for group.

Learning Area

Reading Area

About 450 seats are available on the all floors of the Media Center.

Reading Area Reading Area Reading Area Reading Area

  • The Wi-Fi "keiomobile2" covers most area of the Media Center.

PC Area

The PC Area installs wide desks equipped with PCs connecting to the ITC network.

PC Area

  • You need an ITC account (ex. ua******) to login the PCs.
  • Two scanners are on the first floor of the Sosokan.
  • You may borrow an external optical drive at the Circulation Desk.

New Arrival Books

Newly arrived books are displayed near the entrance. You may borrow these books just like any other book. The list of New Arrival Books is available on our web site.

New Arrival Books

Soso Collection / Lounge

Soso Collection includes light-reading books such as novels, business books, books on music or arts, travel guides, etc. The books are characterized by the call numbers that start with SS. Newspapers and general magazines are available as well.

  • On KOSMOS, the location of the collection will be shown as "Sosokan 1F Soso Collection".
  • Only Yagami Campus affiliates can borrow these books. You may NOT return these books at other Media Centers of Keio University.

Soso Collection_Lounge Soso Collection_Lounge

75 inch TV

75 inch TV

Study Room

The Study Room in the Sosokan basement is open even after the library has closed.
Application must be made in advance for night and Sunday use. (Click here for details.)

Study Room

Seminar Room A/B(Reservation required)

On the basement of the Sosokan, there are rooms for group study, meetings, classes, or other purposes. Capacity of 16 persons each for Seminar Room A and B.

Seminar Room A
Seminar Room

Seminar Room B
Seminar Room

  • Opening Hours: 8:45 a.m. to 30 minutes before the library's closing time
  • Please make a reservation at the WEB form [Japanese].
  • The reservation starts 7 days prior to your date of use.
  • No multiple reservations.
  • Around the exam periods, both the Seminar Room A and B will be unavailable for these are used as study rooms.

Reference Desk

Reference staff at the Media Center is available to answer your questions about searching for material and how to use the Media Center. Feel free to come to the Reference Desk on the Main Building's first floor for assistance.
Opening Hours: 8:45 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on weekdays

Reference Desk

AV Booth / AV Materials

Video tapes, DVDs and Blu-ray discs of the Media Center may be watched at the AV Booth located on the Main Building's first floor. Please ask for a remote control at the Circulation Desk.

AV materials are also located on the first floor of the Main Building. Only Yagami Campus affilliates can borrow the materials with labels "貸出可" for 14 days long.

AV Booth_AV materials

CD-ROM Library/Microfiches

CD-ROM Library

CD-ROM Library, located on the first floor of the Main Building, includes the CD-ROMs such as "Powder Diffraction File (PDF-2)" and a PC to read them.
On KOSMOS, the location of the CD-ROMs is shown as "CD-ROM Library".

You may use the CD-ROMs by your own laptop.
Printing is available from the network printer.


Microfiches mainly the SAE Technical Papers issued between, 1970-1997 are located in the cabinet near the Reference Desk. To use microfiches, ask for the key of the cabinet at the Reference Desk or the Circulation Desk, and view them with the microfiche scanner connected to the CD-ROM Library PC. You may save the microfiche contents to your USB flash memory or print them out from ITC network printers.

Service hours:
・For person with ITC account: During the opening hours of the Media Center
・For persons who do not have ITC account: Ask at the Reference Desk between 8:45a.m. and 5:00p.m. on weekdays

Printing fee:
・Persons with ITC account: Click here (ITC website)
・Alumni: 30 yen / sheet
・Visitors: 55 yen / sheet
・Keio University affiliates who do not have ITC account: 10 yen / sheet

Learning Support Collection

The collection includes language study textbooks, and guidebooks on writing papers, presentation, and job searching.
Any Yagami Campus affiliate can borrow these books for 14 days, regardless of his/her status.

Japanese Textbooks

There are textbooks for learning Japanese.
If you find a "attached CD available" label on the cover of a book, you can borrow the attached CD-ROM at the Circulation Desk. Some of the CD-ROMs are for in-library use only.

Course Reserve

The books designated by faculties and the textbooks listed in the syllabus are collected as Course Reserve on the Main Building's first floor.
Any Yagami Campus affiliate can borrow these books for 1 day, regardless of his/her status.

Photocopy Machines / Printer

Photocopy machines are located on the first floor of the Main Building, and in the Annex. Please click here for details on photocopying rules.
Scissors, a paper cutter and staplers are available at the Learning Area in Sosokan.

There is a KIC's printing service machine by the photocopy machine of the Main Building. (Click here for details

a photo copy machine

Seminar Room C

Seminar Room C, on the 1st floor of the Main Building, is available for:

  • Online Classes/Meetings/Interviews
  • Preparing for a presentation using the large 75-inch TV monitor
  • Group learning and study

*Reservations are not required.
You will be sharing the room with other users and groups, so please give it to each other.
There is the Quiet Area on the same floor. Please be careful about the volume of your voice and PC.

Seminar Room C

Group Study Room

The Group Study Room is perfect for discussion. It is equipped with 4 to 6 person sofas, whiteboard, and LAN outlets. No reservation or application is needed to use the room. You can also rent a projector at the Circulation Desk.

Group Study Room Group Study Room

Annex (Bldg. 16)

The items such as standards, journal back numbers and old edition books are placed on the movable shelves. The Annex has Reading Area, a photocopy machine, and KOSMOS.