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Library Orientation for Newcomer Faculty Members

We hold library orientation for full-time faculty members and visiting researchers who are new to Mita Campus. Please make a reservation at least a week in advance. We accept your reservation at the Reference Counter on a first-come-first-served basis. It may be difficult to book on your preferred date and time during April and May that are the peak period for library orientations.
Reservation Form

Teaching Support
  • Library Orientation for Students
    We plan and hold library orientation for your students at your demand. It inludes a library tour, research instructions on particular subjects and topics, and lectures on citation and bibliography.
  • Classes Using Special Collections
    You may give a lecture in the Rare Book Room showing rare books and special collection materials to your students.
Course Reserve

Course Reserve is the library items set aside for specific academic course. The items are put to course reserve at the request of the lecturer. They can be searched on KOSMOS. They are not for loan. Students are allowed to read and photocopy the items inside the library building.

Who Can Request Course Reserve?

Any faculty member who teaches an academic course on Mita Campus

Items for Course Reserve

Books, specific issues of a journal title, audio-visual materials such as CDs and DVDs, machine-readable materials such as CD-ROMs and DVD-ROMs

Location of Course Reserve Items
Faculty & Graduate SchoolBooks & JournalsAudio-Visual MaterialsMachine-Readable Materials
Letters, Economics, Law, Business & Commerce, Correspondence Courses, International Center and Others West Reading Room, 2nd Floor *Categorized by the names of the lecturers Service Counter on the 1st Floor of the Old Building Main Counter on the 1st Floor of the Main Building
Law School 2nd basement floor of the South Building Library *Categorized by subjects
Limit to the Number of Course Reserve Items
  • For the Faculties of Letters, Economics, Law, Business & Commerce, Correspondence Courses, International Center and Others:
    ・20 titles at most for an academic course
    ・2 copies at most for a title
  • For Law School:
    ・No limit to the number of titles for an academic course
    ・2 copies at most for a title
How to Request

Place a request using the online form below. We do not accept any request by email or phone.

*Course reserve items for classes in 2023 will continue to be placed on the designated shelves in 2024, so there is no need to request again. From March onwards, we plan to sequentially confirm items that need to be removed.

  • In case you request more than an item to put to course reserve, please place a request separately for each item. If you request a series, you need to request each volume individually.
  • It takes some time for the items to be ready; for books in Japanese, it would take approximately 2 to 3 weeks; for books in Western languages, approximately 1 to 3 months.
  • If both print and digital editions are available, we purchase the digital at priority. If you prefer the print edition, please let us know by giving a comment on the online form.
  • Items may be unavailable for some reasons such as out-of-print.
Contact Information

Circulation Department, Mita Media Center E-mail:

Correspondence Students

The services may differ among correspondence students depending on their status.
Click here for more details (Japanese version only).



There are 3 options for entering Mita Media Center.

FeeExpiration DateEnables to EnterServices Available
One-Day Pass 100 JPY The day of issuance Mita only Reading & Photocopying
Year-Round Pass 1,000 JPY March 31 of the academic year Mita, Hiyoshi, Sci & Tech, Shinanomachi, and SFC Media Centers
*Please refer to the website for information on using Pharmaceutical Sciences.
Library Card *Issued under conditions 6,000 JPY for a half year
12,000 JPY for year-round
6 month or 1 year after the day of issuance Reading & Photocopying; Borrowing at Mita, Hiyoshi, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Sci & Tech, and SFC

Please refer to Keio Alumni for more details.

Services Available

Reading and Photocopying

You may read and photocopy the items in the library building.
You may search library collections using KOSMOS which is our online catalog available on Internet. KOSMOS is accessible from off-campus also.
We accept inquiries via phone or FAX as well as in person.
For library items indicated as "Item in place" on KOSMOS, you may ask for keeping them on hold for 2 weeks. Up to 5 books may be kept for you at once.
The items currently on loan are not subject to keeping on hold.

Contact Information

Reference Section, Mita Media Center

Using e-Journals

We provide a paid service for alumni to use e-Journals. You may use a part of our e-Journals collections at the designated PC.


Please apply at the counter on the 3rd floor of Mita Media Center.
If you plan to print out the e-Journals, bring printing papers on your own. You may also purchase them in the library. A4 size papers are available at the counter on the 3rd floor. 20 JPY for 10 sheets.

e-Journal Titles Available

For availability of a specific e-Journal title, please ask a librarian at the Reference Counter.
*eBooks and databases are not available for alumni.


From opening time to 1 hour before closing time
Application to use e-Journals must be made at least 2 hours before closing time.


500 JPY for every 30 minutes
You may use this service for up to 2 hours.

Contact Information

Reference Section, Mita Media Center

Services Not Available

Borrowing, My Library of KOSMOS *My Library is available if you have your own library card.

  • Book delivery from other campuses and universities/institutions *The service is partially available if you have your own library card. Book delivery from Yamanaka Book Depository is available to every patron.
  • Document delivery and shipping to your home
  • Issuance of "Letter of Introduction" which is required to visit other university libraries
  • Using campus PCs except for the KOSMOS terminals and the PC designated for alumni to use e-Journals
  • Using campus networks
  • Access to databases and eBooks licensed to Keio University