Hiyoshi Media Center Hiyoshi Library

Library Rules

  • Always keep the Student ID and valuables with you.
  • Do not lend/borrow the Student ID.
  • Go through check-out procedures when bringing books out the library.
  • Do not lend your borrowed materials to others.
  • Return the item to the original place after use.
  • Handle library items with care.
  • Do not be late for the due date.
  • Refrain from talking inside the library.
  • Set your mobile phone to silent mode. No talking on the mobile phone is allowed outside the Group Study Rooms.
  • No eating/drinking is allowed inside the library to preserve library items. However, drinks in sealed containers are allowed.
  • Smoking of tobacco products is not allowed.
  • Do not take photos in the library without permission. If you wish to take a photo for research purposes, please apply at the Main Counter.
  • Do not disturb others.

Please follow the rules when using the library. Thank you for your cooperation.