Hiyoshi Media Center Hiyoshi Library

Using the PC

PC Locations

PC AreaNumber of PCsEquipment
1F (Boulevard) 43
*4 of them are standing
Printers (3)
IC card charger
Scanners (4)
Headphones (8)
1F (Lounge) 21
2F 44 Printer (1)

Floor Map

Using PCs Installed in the Library

Using Personal Laptop

  • For wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) services, refer to the Hiyoshi ITC Network User's Manual.
  • In the Carrels on the 2nd floor and the West Reading Room (north side) on the 3rd floor, you cannot use a PC with a key touch sound.

Using Printers

  • When you print from a PC installed in the library, you can output from any ITC printer installed on campus.
  • You cannot print out directly from the USB memory.
  • Transportation IC card (Suica, PASMO, etc.) is required for payment.
  • For details such as print charges and print settings from personal laptops, please check the ITC Integrated Printing System page.

Help Desk

If you need assistance, please contact the ITC Student Help Desk at Study Support on the 1st floor.