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The Hiyoshi Library VR Tour

This content allows you to learn how to use the Hiyoshi Library and the features of the building with the 3D images.You can virtually walk around the library through your own smartphone, tablet, or PC.Tags in the images provide explanations, videos, and URLs to websites. (The images in the virtual tour were taken in February, 2021. Some locations may differ from current conditions.)

Hiyoshi Library VR Tour

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This virtual tour was created in cooperation with Keio Museum Commons.
The Hiyoshi Library was designed by Fumihiko Maki, a modernist architect who studied at Keio and has always been a leader in architectural design around the world.
Travel is the keyword in the design of this library, and motifs reminiscent of the vehicle of travel, the ship, appear throughout the architecture - a deck-like terrace on the fourth floor, objects reminiscent of masts and forecastle. The pale blue tiles and fair-faced concrete of the exterior and the light-filled interior, with its many windows and large atrium, provide a fresh environment for students to gather, read and talk on the threshold of learning.
Take a virtual tour or visit the actual campus to experience this wonderful library architecture.
Fumihiko Maki also designed the Mita Media Centre (Keio University Library). If you would like to know more about Maki and his work at Keio, please check out the exhibition "Fumihiko Maki and Keio University I : Resonating Architecture" at the Keio University Art Center.

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