Shonan Fujisawa Media Center Library

AV Hall

The AV Hall is fitted with screens on all walls for multi-screen research presentations and lectures. The glass walls at the front and sides have a whiteboard function. The AV Hall is equipped with an upright AV control desk, digital input/output capabilities, and a multi-site remote teleconferencing system. Presentations can be made over LAN, and video and sound can be output directly from your PC.

AV Hall

Use of the Studios

Keio University faculty and staff may use the AV Hall for the following purposes, individually or as a group:

  • Academic purposes requiring the use of teleconferencing or presentation systems
  • Administrative purposes permitting public access


Reservations must be made in advance.
To reserve the AV Hall, go to the Reserving Facilities page.

  • Reservations are accepted up to two months in advance.
  • You must apply in advance to use the hi-vision (HDTV) connector.
    On the AV Hall reservation form, enter "I wish to borrow the backyard key to access the hi-vision connector" in the "Comments" field provided.


Weekdays 09:15-21:30 (Short Hors 09:15-17:30)
Saturday 09:15-18:30 (Short Hors 09:15-15:30)
  • Long holiday hours apply during the Mita Festival.
  • AV Hall user support is available only on weekdays from 9:30-17:00.
  • If you reserve time in the studio and are unable to use it, be sure to cancel your reservation.
  • If you do not begin using the studio within 30 minutes after the start of your reserved time, your reservation will be cancelled.※If you do not use your reserved time in the studio and fail to cancel in advance, you may be penalized by being prohibited from using the studio for a certain period of time.

Using AV Hall Equipment

Use the PDA provided with the key to operate the equipment in the AV Hall.

Furniture Layout

You may change the layout of furniture (chairs and tables) in the AV Hall as you wish, except for the table for the PC in front area.
You must restore all furniture to its original layout when you are finished. There are pins in the floor to indicate the original positions of furniture.
If there are not enough chairs for your needs, you may use the 12 extra chairs in the storage room. You may also use the storage room to temporarily store furniture you don't need. Tables can be stacked.
As the tables and chairs can be moved with little effort, take care not to bump them against the glass screens along the walls.

Closing Up

When you leave the AV Hall, lock up only after making sure you have turned off the lights and returned the furniture to its original location. Return the key and PDA to the Information Desk.

Food and Drink Rules

The Media Center rules on food and drink apply in the AV Hall as well.

Food prohibited
Drinks only when in sealed containers, such as PET bottles


Video Shooting Studio

The Video Shooting Studio is equipped for video recording, and includes ceiling-mounted lighting and a blue background curtain, as well as an optical motion capture system for recording the movement of people and objects as 3D digital data.

Sound Recording Studio

The Sound Recording Studio has equipment for sound recording, editing and post-production.