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AV Equipments Borrowing Rules

1. Procedure

  • At the time of borrowing, present a completed loan form (back of this sheet) and your student ID card at the AV Counter. The student ID card should also be presented at the time of return. Without it, the procedures of borrowing and return cannot be carried out.
  • At the time of borrowing and return, the condition of the loaned equipment should be checked together with a staff member.
  • Borrowing with prior intention to lend to a third party or delay return of equipment will not be tolerated. The borrower must be the one to use the equipment, and must return it before the deadline.

2. Loan Period

Registered student of SFC 3 nights and 4 days
Student of other campus Same-day return (※1)
Faculty/staff member 7 nights and 8 days
  • If the return deadline falls on a day that the Media Center is closed, the deadline will be postponed until the next day of opening.
  • The loan service is not available on days when the Media Center is closed during the summer and winter break periods. Regardless of the loan period, the deadline for return will be the day prior to the Media Center closing.
  • If applying to borrow an additional piece of AV equipment while already borrowing another, the return deadline for the earlier borrowed equipment will apply to both. (A new loan form will not be necessary as the additional piece of equipment will be added to the first form. Please notify a staff member.)

※1 The loan period will be 3 nights and 4 days if the student of other campus is borrowing the equipment for use in a class held at SFC. However, a separate form with the signature (seal) of the faculty member in charge is required. Please enquire at the AV Counter in the Media Center.

3. Inquiries

TEL0466-49-3435 (ext 52504)
Mailav-staff [at]

4. Number of Units for Borrowing

  • Video camera, digital still camera, MicroTrack, shotgun microphone set: one unit only each
  • Connecter, cable, extension cord: as many as necessary
  • Any other equipment: up to 3 units each

5. Borrowing / Return Reception Hours

  • From opening time until 30 minutes before closing time
  • There is no reception on Saturdays 11:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m., Sundays and national holidays.

6. Advanced Booking

possible in Japanese only

7. Renewal (Continuous)

Not possible

  • If you wish to continue to borrow a piece of equipment after return, you will need to submit a new application. Renewal of loan for the same piece of equipment cannot be done. A piece of the same type of equipment, with a different serial number, will be issued.

8. Return by Proxy

Not possible

  • The borrower is responsible for returning equipment themselves.
  • If the borrower is unable to return the equipment themselves then, in accordance with separately published rules (in Japanese only), borrowing will be suspended for a fixed period.

9. Overdue Return

10. Loss, Damage or Neglectful Use of Equipment

  • If the handling of equipment is judged to be inappropriate, borrowing may be suspended for a fixed period.
  • If the borrowed equipment is damaged or lost, you should contact the AV Counter as soon as possible. Compensation will be demanded for repair or replacement, and if this cannot be fulfilled for any reason, such as discontinued manufacture, compensation terms will be set in consultation with the borrower.
  • Neglectful use of equipment will not be tolerated. If neglectful use of equipment is discovered, the equipment will be reclaimed and use will be immediately suspended.

11. Notes on Equipment Use

  • We cannot guarantee that the batteries for the equipment will be fully charged at the time of borrowing. Also, for older batteries, the operation time may be shortened even if fully charged.
  • We bear no responsibility for failed recording or other such issues resulting from trouble with the video camera etc.
  • Be sure not to use video tapes or memory cards that are incompatible with the camera.
  • If damage is incurred, such as the video tape getting entangled or the memory card getting stuck, compensation for the video tape / memory card etc. will not be awarded.
  • If the equipment suffers damage as a result of the type of video tape, memory card etc. used, compensation for repair will be demanded.
  • You should delete any content recorded on the video camera's built-in memory or the digital still camera's CF card before return. We bear no responsibility if the recorded content is subsequently used by another borrower. We also bear no responsibility to save the recorded data after return.
  • At the Media Center, we regularly inspect equipment and delete any remaining data if found.
  • Please be careful when handling equipment, and pay particular attention to the following.
  • When using a tripod, check that the equipment is mounted securely onto it.
  • Avoid getting the equipment dirty with sand, mud, water etc., and refrain from using the equipment in areas of high temperature or humidity.
  • Cameras may not function properly around powerful radio waves. Also, if you move the camera between locations with a difference in temperature, condensation may form, preventing you from recording or taking pictures.

Any queries should be directed to an AV staff member.

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