Shonan Fujisawa Media Center Library

For Physical Disabilities

The SFC Media Center seeks to support the use of the Media Center by Keio students, faculty and staff with physical disabilities.
If you have special needs not addressed below, please describe them in a Comments & Requests or contact the Media Center Information Desk.

Users with Visual Disabilities

If you are visiting the Media Center unassisted, please ask for an Information Desk staffer when you enter. A staffer will open the entrance gate for you.
There is an Adaptive Technology Room (AT Room) available at the Media Center.
To use the AT Room, please inquire at the Information Desk in advance.
Braille signs are provided inside the Media Center at some locations (toilets, elevators, etc.).
The Media Center also provides the following services upon request. Please inquire at the Reference Desk (Tel: 0466-49-3433).

  • Searches for books and journal articles on a particular subject
  • Provision of information on library materials or subject matter
  • Picking up books found in the SFC Media Center collection
  • Photocopying journals found in the SFC Media Center collection
  • Printing out e-journal pages
  • Inter-Library Loans (ILL) of books or journal articles from other (Keio or non-Keio) libraries

Users in Wheelchairs

Entrance and exit doors are automatic. When entering the Media Center, please use the wide gate. A Student ID or Campus Card is required to enter the Media Center. If you encounter difficulties with the entry procedure, please ask for an Information Desk staffer to assist you.

Media Center staffs are also happy to assist you in taking books from shelves, etc.

Media Center elevators:

  • The elevators are designed to accommodate wheelchairs.
  • If you are attending a class in the AV Hall, you will need assistance to get to the hall.
    Please ask at the Information Desk beforehand, and a staffer will accompany you in the elevator to the hall.
    When the class is over, please phone the Information Desk from the hall and a staffer will come to accompany you back to the 1st floor.
  • Please note that the Media Center elevators occasionally are halted for inspection.

There is a wheelchair-accessible toilet on the 1st floor.
For inquiries, please call the Public Service Section at 0466 (49) 3429.

Users with Hearing Disabilities

Although Media Center staff with sign language ability are not available, all counter staff are trained to speak clearly.
Please feel free to ask staffers to speak louder if necessary.
Staffers are also happy to respond to inquiries in writing or via e-mail.