Shonan Fujisawa Media Center Library

Using the Makerbot System

A "MakerBot Innovation Center" has been installed in the Fab Space, which allows the 3D printers to be used from the network. With this new system, you can send requests to the 3D printers online, and will be notified of the progress of your print through a website and email.

A problem with 3D printing on campus was that users would line up as the printing process took a long time. Moreover, you had to physically be there to print. This system solves both problems, allowing you to easily manage the time and space required to print, and use the 3D printers even more efficiently than before. The staff at the AV Counter or the Fab Space will gladly help you with any questions you have about the system.

User Manual
Media Center Fabspace(facebook page)

Service Hours

  • Service Hours 9:30‐17:00
  • Not available on Saturdays or Sundays
  • You will not be able to use this service in the case that you can't finish your print within the time frame.

Who can use it

SFC students and staff You need a CNS mail address

※The use of the MakerBot System is limited to SFC students and staff ※The basic terms of use are the same as that of other equipment in the Fab Space, which can be found here.

How to sign up

Signing up and making 3D print requests

  • Sign up (create an account) with the below URL. Refer to the user manual.
  • You must use your CNS email address.
  • Once you have finished, a confirmation email will be sent to you. Click on the link provided in the email to finish registration.
  • After you have signed up, receive instructions from the staff in the FabSpace and submit the application to use the system.
Making a 3D Print Request

Once you log into the MakerBot system you will come to the home screen. Click "New Print" to make a new request. After you have made a request, you can check on its progress from "My Prints." For details, check the user manual.

  • Project Name
    Decide the name of the print request. Choose something that is easy for you to remember.
  • Deadline(optional)
    You cannot specify the time of print.
  • Filement Information --- Can only use PLA
    You may choose from the available filament colors, but it is possible that you will not get the color you want. You can only print once at a time, and attempting to print twice will cancel the request. You cannot bring your own filament.
  • Upload files or Thingiverse Link --- Only click on "Upload Files"
     Only upload files in makerbot format. Uploading any other file types will cancel your request.
  • Instructions and Notes --- Do not attach any files
    Instructions are not accepted. Write the following information in the note column. Any unclear information will cause the request to be canceled.
    Write these information in the note column. Any unclear information will cause the request to be canceled.
    Name: Hanako Keio
    Student ID:7XXXXXXX
    Faculty/Year: Faculty of Policy Management/3
    Purpose: Class
    Class Name: Digital Fabrication
    Click "confirm" after you have filled out the request field. Once you have completed your request, you will be sent an email notification.
File type and Print Requests

When uploading a file to the MakerBot, make sure of the following. If any of the below conditions are not met, your file will not be printed.

    • It is in MakerBot file format
      Files that haven't been sliced, such as stl files, are not accepted.
      Use MakerBot Print to slice your files.
      Choose "Smart Extruder+" for the Extruder Type when slicing your files.
      Choose "Replicator+" for the Printer when slicing your files.
    • Production time must be less than 5 hours
    • It must finish within the service hours
      Depending on when it receives the file, it may print the following day. You cannot set the starting time yourself.
    • The slicing settings are correct
      If the raft and support settings are incorrect, the object will not be printed.
    • Other

- You can only request one print per day.
- You can only submit one file at a time.
- You cannot request a print if you have not yet picked up a previous one.

When finished

  • You can confirm your request with the below URL. Check the user manual for the next steps.
  • You will be notified by email when your print is finished and ready to be picked up.
  • The AV counter will hold your printed object. Please pick it up within one week. You will lose permission to make further prints if you do not pick it up within that time.
  • Your student ID card is required when picking up your prints. Tell the staff behind the AV counter the Job Number.

Points of Caution

  • Simply signing up does not allow you to make print requests. You must receive instructions from the staff in the Fab Space and submit an application.
  • You should be able to use MakerBot Print tools by yourself and have experience with the standalone MakerBot.
  • You can only print out files that are in .makerbot format.
  • Slice the MakerBot file by yourself.
  • The staff will print your object. They will check whether or not your file is appropriate and if it can be completed in time.
  • The staff will store your printed object at the AV counter. You are not permitted to take the product from the printer yourself.
  • Anything deemed immoral will not be printed. If it is determined that the printer is being used inappropriately, the print will be promptly canceled.
  • You will be prohibited from using the Fab Space if it is determined that you have made inappropriate requests, or requests with ill-intent.
  • Do not touch the 3D printers or printer server while they are working. You will be required to compensate for any damages you cause to the 3D printer or system.

Makerbot Components

Makerbot System MakerBot Replicator+
(works with the network)
Stand alone MakerBot Replicator 5th Generation 4
Print Server Mac Mini 1
Other Filament must be PLA only
(choose from the available colors)

Refer to the MakerBot's website for detailed information on the "MakerBot Innovation Center."

  • (Makerbot System) You can make requests online.
  • (Makerbot System) You can see the progress online or through email.
  • (Maketbot System) The staff will determine when printing begins, or if it must be canceled, etc.
  • (Makerbot System) Log analysis may be used for the print.
  • (Maketbot System) Staff in the Fab Space will perform things such as regular maintenance or changing the filament.
  • (Stand alone) Depending on the nature of the standalone print, it may be possible to do it through the network.
  • Please understand that the components may be changed without notice