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Course Reserve/Printing Class Materials

Course Reserve

What are reserve materials? They are materials necessary for classes and seminars placed in a specified location in the Media Center for a specified period, at the request of faculty members. To ensure they are always available for use in the Media Center by students of the classes and seminars, these materials cannot be borrowed.

How to use

  • Written reserve materials are kept in a special collection on book shelves in the Reference Book section on the second floor.
  • Books are organized according to faculty member and class, and are free for perusal within the library .
  • Reserve material cannot be borrowed. Copies of the books are kept in the general collection (excluding some out-of-print material). If you wish to borrow material, take a copy from the general collection.

Be sure to return all material to its original place once you have finished using it.

Reserve Material Requests (Faculty members)

Use the online Reserve Material Request Form, or apply directly at the Information Desk to reserve material.
S.A.s and T.A.s may request to reserve material on behalf of a faculty member.
Be sure to have the following information ready when submitting a Reserve Material Request:

  • Faculty member's name
  • Course name
  • Material publication details
  • Number of copies required

Material that can be purchased will also be added to the general collection.
Please consult with staff if the material you want cannot be purchased, as we also accept material from private collections.
We will check if there is a continuation on a yearly bases.
Due to copyright laws, we cannot accept photocopies without the author's permission.

Printing Class Materials

About the Printing Service

  • This service is limited to the printing of materials prepared by Keio faculty members for their use in a Keio University class or research group. Only SFC faculty or staff may use this service.
  • The Shonan Fujisawa Media Center carries out the actual printing on behalf of the instructor. If you need to print materials in a hurry, you may use the self-service printers at the Media Center.
    The applicant takes full responsibility for the content and copyright conditions of the materials to be printed.
    Please refer to Article 35 of Japan's Copyright Law, quoted below.

Copyright Law Article 35

(Reproduction in schools or other educational institutions)
A person who teaches a lesson, and those who receive the lesson, in a school or other educational institutions (excluding, however, those institutions established for profit-making purposes) may, if and to the extent deemed necessary for use in the course of the lesson, reproduce a work already made public; provided, however, that the foregoing shall not apply in the case where such reproduction is likely to unreasonably prejudice the interests of the copyright holder in light of the type and the usage of the work as well as the number of copies and the manner of reproduction.

Read This Before Applying

  • Printing fees will be deducted from the personal research funds of the applicant.
  • Printed materials will be delivered approximately 7 days after a request. If you have an urgent printing job, please consult with the Media Center staff.
  • Delivery may be delayed during peak periods (beginning of semester, before examinations, etc.), so please apply well in advance at these times.
  • Sorting and stapling services are available. To save paper resources we recommend double-sided printing, particularly if the total page count exceeds 3,000 pages.
  • If you wish to print part of a book or booklet, try to provide the Media Center with photocopies of the pages to be printed. If that is not possible, indicate the first and last pages of the section(s) you need printed in the Remarks column of the Class Materials Printing Application Form.
  • The Media Center cannot accept the submission of actual books from the Media Center collection as materials to be printed. Please provide or indicate only the portion that you need printed as explained above.

Application Procedure

  • Apply for the printing service at the Information Desk on the 1st floor of the SFC Media Center.
  • Fill out one Class Materials Printing Application Form for each item you need printed.
  • In general, the applicant must be the faculty member teaching the class that will use the printed materials. If circumstances require that the application be submitted by someone else, the faculty member in charge of the class must first sign or stamp the application form.

Collection of Printed Materials

Pick up the materials you requested at the Information Desk on or after the date indicated on your application receipt. Be sure to bring your receipt.

For NMC Faculty and Staff

  • Printing applications may be submitted by faculty and staff of the Faculty of Nursing and Medical Care at the NMC Library counter.
  • NMC faculty and staff wishing to do self-service printing should use the photocopiers in the Materials Room on the 3rd floor of the NMC Building. If a printer is required, please use the printers at the Shonan Fujisawa Media Center.

Contact Information

Contact Shonan Fujisawa Media Center Materials Printing Services
Business hours From Monday to Saturday 9:15 a.m.~5:00 p.m.

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